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Tyrel is running to represent you in the State House because he is deeply committed to improving the lives and futures of the people, families and  communities in our district. Tyrel believes in action, not just words.

Tyrel's five years as Mayor of Eyota, have prepared him well to serve as our voice in the state legislature. Tyrel has a deep understanding of how proposed laws affect local cities and townships, how to create effective public/private partnerships, how to produce results on a budget, and how to form strong working relationships with others, regardless of political party, to find creative, collaborative solutions. Tyrel has the skills, the insight, and the drive to be a powerful advocate for you and to get results for the people of District 26B.


Health Care

Every Minnesotan deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care, including treatment for addiction, and mental health issues. This is a vitally important issue for everyone in our district -- especially for those who lack access now, or are paying far more than is fair or reasonable. As your representative, I will work hard to expand the range of public options, and find ways to make the individual market more affordable, accessible, and stable.


As a proud husband of a public school teacher, and a father of four, I believe that there is no task more important than preparing our children and young adults for the future. As your representative, I will continue to commit to strengthening our public schools. I want to help students and families in our local districts by finding solutions to the issues that you face, including expansion of affordable options for preschool within home communities, making college affordable, building partnerships with our local industrial leaders to create, promote apprenticeships and hands-on training, and increasing rural access to high-speed broadband internet to help ensure every student has the same advantages.


Agricultural production and the farm economy are the bedrock economic drivers in our district, which includes nearly 500 square miles of farmland. I believe strongly in giving our farmers the support they need to continue to be our nation’s finest and to prosper. I’ll work hard to help farmers with insurance costs by expanding public options for health insurance. We need to develop and publish accessible information to help existing farmers decide whether they should take on expansion and diversification grants before they take the risk. I am committed to finding effective solutions that support new farmers in getting started, aide retiring farmers with succession plans, train new farm workers, create and maintain effective pollinator programs, promote local foods policies, improve rural access to high-speed broadband internet, and deal with invasive species and wildlife issues.

Economic Development

A vibrant economic environment is the pathway to prosperity for everyone in our district, whether we live in cities, townships, or rural areas. I’m a strong advocate for bringing new opportunities, services and products to our residents, and boosting our tax base. Our district’s economy has a strong, diverse base. As your representative, I will do everything I can to keep it strong by both promoting new business growth and supporting our existing businesses so that they can grow and prosper. I am committed to ensuring our local economy will be well-prepared to meet the future challenges and demands of fast changing technologies and a global market.


Minnesota’s natural environment is one of our greatest assets, and I am committed to taking sensible actions, and developing sensible policies, to protect the quality of our air, water and land for current and future generations.

Supporting Our Veterans

Veterans take risks and make many sacrifices to protect our country, and they deserve the utmost respect and support when they return home. As your representative, I will make it a top priority to ensure our veterans continue to receive the quality, timely health care they deserve, to encourage Minnesota businesses to hire veterans, and to foster a statewide community that helps them reintegrate with the support they need.



As Eyota’s Mayor, I’ve cultivated strong working relationships with our City Council members of the community and with neighboring cities, towns, and townships to find creative solutions to challenges and achieve shared goals.



We recruited many new businesses, which boosted our tax base along with bringing new job opportunities and valued services to citizens, including a brand new childcare center, an expanded senior memory care center, and a new dental care office.



We significantly improved our infrastructure, while keeping taxes stable. These efforts included updating miles of old water pipes, improving old roads, and getting a roundabout installed in a dangerous intersection with another on the way.



We built a beautiful ambulance building, big enough to house vehicles and full crews, through a joint project with Dover and 8 other townships, improving access to emergency medical care for people throughout the region. We are in the process of renovating and expanding our fire hall to meet the needs of our area while looking towards the future.



We built sidewalks, walking trails, and bike trails throughout Eyota to connect people and places within our community. 


health and wellness

We launched the Eyota Farmers’ Market, expanded the Eyota Skate Park, and worked toward building Chester Woods Trail to connect from Rochester, Chester Woods, Eyota and Dover.


our schools

We launched the Dover-Eyota Eagles Foundation to help fill funding gaps in our public schools. The fund has already provided over $65,000 to the school and community.



Tyrel Clark for House

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